Monday, April 28, 2008

gnome-network-manager vs wicd

here's some sort(maybe a little bias)review bout network manager in ubuntu.

the first, and the default one is gnome network-manager, its suck!, especially its trey icon(nm-applet), because most of the time it just hang, I cannot disconnect without have to wait, and then it doesnt always succesfull, switching between available wireless network is a PITA! when i kill my wifi using it's switch while it's still connected, nm-applet just hang. the network manager had profile feature, so that laptop user can easily switch their network places, Dunno bout you guys, but the profile thing never really work for me. although the functionallity is sufficient, personally I'm not quite comfortable with it.

luckily theres another alternative called wicd this network manager gives me full control bout my network, i can connect and (specially) disconnect at any given time i wish to be, and it just felt more responsive. wicd based on gtk, so theres no dependency on gnome, most of window manager can easily use it(although GTK is required), it also provide a working profile feature, the only drawback is that wicd doesnt detect my wifi interface automatically like gnome network manager does, but we can easily enter the interface name manually in its preferences window. Just try it.

keyword: nm-applet, wicd, network manager gnome

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