Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Motorola E398 Email Configuration

I'm using Indosat provider from Indonesia, to connect to my gmail account, modify these configuration to suit your provider, and mail account. Make sure the GPRS is active, open "messages", press menu button and choose "email msg setup"

  • ISP Settings
    • Connection Type : GPRS
      • make sure the gprs is active, use your working websession
    • APN address : indosatgprs or www.indosat-m3.net
      • apn address, check to your provider
    • username : gprs
      • username, check to your provider
    • password : im3
      • check to your provider
    • DNS IP :
      • check to your provider
  • Account Settings
    • AccountName = "mygmail"
      • your phone account name, you could have more than one account setup on your phone ie "mygmail", "myyahoo", "school", etc..
    • Status : active
      • is the current phone account should be used for example when receiving and sending
    • Name : Hadi Zeftin
      • the name that appear on each email you'll send using this account setup
    • user ID : slack.dna@gmail.com
      • your email address (username@mailserver)
    • password : <your_password>
      • password for your email account
    • return address : slack.dna@gmail.com
      • the address that people use to reply your email message
    • email provider : custom
      • because most of them are manual configuration, we choose custom
    • protocol : POP3
      • protocol can be POP3 or IMAP
    • sending host : smtp.gmail.com
      • sending server
    • sending port : 587 or 465
      • sending port, we dont use default(25), because the out server/sending server require TLS, on E398 they call it SSL
    • receiving host : pop.gmail.com
      • receiving server
    • receiving port : 995
      • receive port, we dont use default(110), because the incomingserver/receiving server require SSL
    • CleanUp : none
      • ?
    • save on server : yes
      • each copy of email that we'll pop, should be save in server
    • security
      • use ssl for sending : yes
      • use ssl for receiving : yes
      • warning in backgrounds : break connection
    • size restriction : 10240
  • notification : on
  • check new message : no
  • hide fields: bcc
  • auto signature : <your_signature>

pros: dont need 3rdparty software (j2me) to send and receive email, so it should be faster

cons: if the incoming message is to long (most of them are) they are truncated, sigh..

conclusion : the email client on E398 is less usefull when you want to read email ( especially when you got a dozen of em every hour), but when you need to send or reply email message ASAP, then this client can be preety much usefull

NB: oh and dont forget to activate pop from your email account, If you have gmail like me then go to settings->forwarding and POP/IMAP->enable pop ...


Anonymous said...

Terima kasih. Karena infonya, saya tambah cinta motorola e1 saya. birojasaonline.blogspot.com

Zeft said...

sama-sama bos :D, glad it help..