Friday, December 12, 2008

Holy Crap, I got 7 ??

Just this afternoon, we have this small session of sharing in my Labs, anything related to IT and it is a weekly routine, we call this small session: RPL's BrainSpark.. (cool heh..)

And the spark of this week is about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) brought by Satrio Wahyu a.k.a yoyoK (a very friendly and funny guy actually :p)

Naaaa don't worry I'm not going detail on it, the idea is to get your webpage some significant ranking on most of search engine, and bla, bla, bla.... ( cant remember most of 'em)

And there's a part where he talks bout PageRank used by google to measure the importance of a web page for google's search , just download google's toolbar and you can see the PageRank of webpage you are browsing.

When I browse to this blog guess what ? I got 7 out of 10 !!, holly crap!, how on earth it gets to that ? and if I'm not mistaken, I could make some fortune out of it :P

yeah right, keep writing this kind of useless post, and won't be long till I get my blog kissing the floor again ~_~



My Space said...

hahaha... yeah, u have to post more often i guess... but, don forget TA! [still... :p]

aahhh... miss lab so much...

phi.21st said...

I got (0/10) ha ha...

Zeft said...

not much different from me, now I just got 2, *doh*

maybe google find out I'm a bragger, and decided to teach me some lesson (notlikely :p)