Tuesday, November 17, 2009

VisualSVN basic Authentication.

8 months without anything, soooo lazy.., let's start with something small shall we :p.

Today I'm trying to setup a svn server using VisualSVN on my office work station (yes , its windows..), browsing works fine after (simple) installation. the problem is when I'm trying to commit changes from eclipse (using subversive plugin), it always throw me an error (click for larger image)

I have default authentication setup within my repository before I'm using visualsvn, but it seems VisualSVN don't actually use those setup. So I remove my auth setup in my repository, and use the one that come with VisualSVN. just right click on your repositories node, and choose All Tasks -> Manage Security. add a new user if you dont have one, and set the permissions. In my case I want my user can commit, so I choose Read/Write permissions.

After this I'm trying to commit, still failed, with new error message

Apparently, I need to repeat those steps for each repository node I'm trying to access (child of Repositories node), and dont forget to restart VisualSVN.

good day.

keywords: Commit failed, MKACTIVITY, 403 Forbidden, VisualSVN

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