Monday, August 30, 2010

DVD playing stuttered on windows XP

Just wanna share,

After I bought a dvd, and trying to play it on my laptop (Dell Inspiron 1420, core2duo T7250, vga onboard x3100) I get this problem where playing it cause the player to stutter mainly with the audio, already tried with windows media player, media player classic, and even VLC, yet still producing the same symptoms. And took me almost 2 hours to experiments with all the available configuration for each player with no luck, so I gave up being a smart *ss, and start googling(should have done this the first place, but I'm so lazy to plug in my modem), and finally found the answers(less than 3 minutes, zzz...).

I don't really get the answers but (I think) basically it has something to do with the IDE drivers in windows. The driver stop using the latest operation mode available called DMA(Direct Memory Access) for my DVD drive, and failing back to somewhat old operation mode called PIO(couldn't remember what it was), there are some reason why windows acting this way, none the less the solution actually lurking around in my device manager, and that's why messing with the player's configuration won't solve the problem, stupid me.

The site which I get the solution for is (can't put linked text from my blackberry) :

There's an easy solution there, where you can download the script and run it, or the not-so-easy solution where it trying to explain the causes and pretty much step-by-step solution. Well, I snag the first solution :p, download, run the script, reboot!

Watch hachiko for the next 2 hour without a single hick-up (with some tissue of course :p ).

Hope it helps somebody!

- Zeft.

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