Sunday, November 21, 2010

Create Web Service Client on Eclipse with Tomcat, problem anyone ?

Hi, just a quick note, perhaps there's some bug, with eclipse and tomcat configuration all together, all I know, I've been banging my head all day, just because eclipse freeze everytime I try to generate a web service client.

After waiting several minutes I only got a not responding window, by then I had no other options than to kill the tomcat process from my task manager.
When tomcat was killed, the eclipse webservice client wizzard will then continue to the next step, without finding any services, well ofcourse.

So here's the trick, make sure the server option(double click the tomcat server to launch configuration editor) "Serve modules without publishing" is checked. Then the wizzard will find the services in a blink of an eye.

btw, I'm using Eclipse Helios Service Release 1, Tomcat 6, and Axis2-1.4

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